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Shattering with ncloth -maya2012-

Posted in Archive with tags , , , on January 26, 2012 by Eric

Since the realease of maya 2012 there is a new option in the ncloth node which can be used to simulate rigid bodies.

This is a great thing since mayas old RB solver is pretty old and sluggish.

How to use it then?

First off create one object that you want to shatter with dynamics and one that will be used for collisions.

The object that we want to shatter needs in someway to be split up to different objects, either by hand or using any plug or tool inside maya of your chocie.

In this example i have used pulldownit to split up a simple polygon cube.


Create your 2 objects. One for shattering and one that it can collide with.


Shattered your object to your liking.


Since we are going to use ncloth for shattering we need our simulated object to be in one piece.

Select all the pieces that you have created (splitted up) and combine them.

Delete the history so we have a clean scene.


Select your shattered mesh and turn it into an nMesh.  On your ncloth node we need to turn on use polygon shells and raise the rigidity and deform resistance.

5. Set you playback to every frame so that the Nucleus solver calculates every frame and then run the simulation.

You should end upp with something like the image below if your objects are somewhat similar and placed in the same way.


Since we are using ncloth to do our dynamic shattering we can also use any fields that works with ncloth. Simulating this way seems faster and more robust than using Mayas older RB system.

Feel free to comment and give feedback if this was in any use for you.