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Maya cameras to After effects.

Posted in Archive on May 16, 2012 by Eric

While Nuke has some sweet 3d integration that works very well AE need a very special workflow.


This is how you import maya cameras to AE.


1. In maya, make sure your render resolution matches the comp size that is going to be used in after effects.

2. For AE to understand the camera animation we need to bake the cameras keys in maya. Select your camera and go to Edit –> Keys –> Bake Simulation.

Set maya to bake every frame.


3. Most likely you want to use objects as tracking points to be able to match AE stuff that you have created with rendered stuff in maya. Exporting geo to AE doesnt seem to work so here is what we do.

Create a locator and name it to null_yourlocatordescription, the null prefix is needed for ae to be able to use it.

Now snap it to a corner of the object or the place were you want to parent stuff in ae to.

4. If the object or objects are animated you will need to parent constrain the locators to the objects so that they move along correct.

Press F2 and go to the constrain menu and options for Parent. Make sure Translate and Rotate are set to All and check Maintain offset.


5. The locators that we have created also need to be baked so do the same to them as we did to our camera.


6. Save the file as an maya ascii file.



7. Open aftereffects and drag the .ma file into the project window. You will now have a new comp with the same name as your maya file.

Doubleclick that comp and you will get all the locators as null objects in the timeline along with your camera.

Check that all your locators and the camera have keyframes and you are now all set to put whatever you want on your renders frome maya.


8. To match the motionblur from maya you can try different settings on the shutter face in ae, to access it select your comp and press ctrl-k and go to the advanced tab.







Fast transformations in maya.

Posted in Archive on May 16, 2012 by Eric

When you want to align objects to another objects center you can acheive this with a neat little trick in maya.

First select the object that you want to translate to the new position, then select the object that is already in that position, open the channelbox and select any of the translate channels and press Tab and VOILA!

This works for all attributes in the channelbox, however it does NOT work if you select multiple attributes and press tab.